EFF is a Global movement transforming the quality of people's relationship with uncertainty.
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Andrew Derbyshire - Relationships, Health & Wellness
Barrington D'Monte - Leadership
Cheryl Petrie - Leadership
Daneen Littlejohn - Leadership & Individual Empowerment
David McDonald - Business
Enrico Miolo - Business
Fiona Landford - Relationships
Genaaleen Sanchez - Mindset, Emotions & Leadership
Gina Callan - Mindset, Emotions & Leadership
Hardy Antolis - Leadership
Janelle Cameron -Leadership
Kathy Wyber - Business & Mindset
Larry Van Niekerk - Emotional Fitness for Professionals
Laura Gutierrez - Relationships & Wellness
Lauren Taylor - Leadership
Mareena Corbett - Leadership
Mariana Ardelean - Relationships
Marija Vizsai - Spiritual Wellness
Merlene Hodgson - Training, Consulting & Business
Neil Sutera - Money & Wealth Coaching
Sally Higoe - Leadership
Shane Shelly - Business
Shannyn Einsohn - Wellness, Education, Creativity & Spirituality
Stephen Gregory - Leadership
Suzanne Duncan - Corporate Professionals
Svetla Petkova - Health
Tammy Kruckow - Leadership
Warrie Holman - Leadership
Andrew Derbyshire
Relationships, Health & Wellness

Barrington D'Monte
Cheryl Petrie

Daneen Littlejohn
Leadership & Individual Empowerment
David McDonald
Enrico Miolo

Fiona Landford
Genaaleen Sanchez
Mindset, Emotions & Leadership

Gina Callan
Mindset, Emotions & Leadership

Hardy Antolis
Janelle Cameron
Kathy Wyber
Business & Mindset

Larry Van Niekerk
Emotional Fitness for Professionals
Laura Gutierrez
Relationships & Wellness
Lauren Taylor
Mareena Corbett
Mariana Ardelean
Marija Vizsai
Spiritual Wellness

Merlene Hodgson
Training, Consulting & Business
Neil Sutera
Money & Wealth Coaching
Sally Higoe
Shane Shelly
Shannyn Einsohn
Wellness, Education, Creativity & Spirituality
Stephen Gregory
Suzanne Duncan
Corporate Professionals
Svetla Petkova
Tammy Kruckow
Warrie Holman
Relationships, Health & Wellness
Hi I’m Andrew…wonderful to be here. As a Coach I help people create a healthy mindset in relation to the challenges that arise in our lives, careers and relationships.

I also help people improve their communication and language in their relationships so they can experience more fulfilment, authenticity, connection and meaning.

As a certified Emotional Fitness Formula practitioner I use the EFF principles and focus points to help people reset their perspective and improve how they navigate difficulties and challenges.

Hi, my name is Barrington (Barry)D’Monte, I am the Founder of Barrington Management Consulting (BMC). Our Vision is to augment emerging leaders develop their leadership capabilities; revitalise existing leaders into their Authentic self and transform teams into a connected, energised, and high performing group.

The team, together with myself, at Barrington Management Consulting, are dedicated to eliminating the cycle of destructive leadership, singular dependency of individuals by unlocking creativity, innovation and productively to disrupt the ways in which leadership is understood and applied.

We strongly believe leaders are closely aligned to preparing themselves through possessing emotional fitness and their values; developing their capability and competence.

We support individuals and organisations transform and develop leadership capabilities in themselves, in their organisations, and communities through our programs and workshops.

Using the latest statistical evidence-based behavioural assessment instruments, inspiring coaching and training methods; we focus on:

• Developing Emotional Fitness within individuals and teams.
• Collaboration – Using the power of leadership for the good of oneself and harnessing collective emotional intelligence.
• Gender diversity – Developing emerging leaders and teams to operate in an inclusive workplace.

Inclusive leadership – Recognise your uniqueness, unite your team across differences and make workplaces healthier for everyone.

Relationships & Leadership
Cheryl supports emerging leaders of small to medium businesses, as well as teams from large organisations to guide them to navigate the change from "worker" to leader.

Incorporating Behaviour Profiling and the study of Human Behaviour and Emotional Fitness © she helps teams understand themselves and those they work with. Cheryl has worked with companies as diverse as Health and Wellness, Real Estate, the Education space and Mining organisations.

Human Behaviour is cross contextual and Emotional Fitness is vital to becoming a "Professional Human".

Leadership & Individual Empowerment
Hi, I’m Daneen.

I get a kick out of clients thanking me for helping them be empowered, achieve their goals and change their lives.

At some time in our lives, we all get lost; we all need direction and ways to manage uncertainty in our lives. Coaching YOU – my purpose is to help you connect with who you are and not who you have learnt to be. Think about it, by uncovering our behaviour and understanding how we think, we can unlearn the thoughts and behaviours which no longer serve us, and we get to discover possibilities as empowered leaders and empowered individuals who are emotionally fit.

I have enjoyed helping clients in a leadership positions, at a crossroads, and even clients wanting to step up certain aspects of their life. Ask yourself if you're contented feeling uncertain, stuck, unhappy, disengaged, or unmotivated.

Consider what it would feel like to reflect on your life and think, ‘I love who I am and what I have achieved’. Imagine feeling connected, on track in your life and excited with the results of your daily actions. Wouldn’t that be pretty cool?

Dave MacDonald is an expert in human behaviour, degree qualified in Education. Dave taught in both Scotland and USA before embarking on a journey to Australia in 2007. What started as a personal development trip soon became one of professional development as Dave spent over 10 years as a Learning & Development Manager and Sales Director for companies in AUS & NZ.

After a successful decade of educating sales professionals how to identify the biggest opportunities to maximise results in their existing sales process and developing winning cultures within business, Dave, now through internationally recognised coaching methodologies assists founders of small business create meaningful change in their business, one that gives them more money, time, and freedom to pursue what matters most to them.

His clients have ranged from award winning International companies through to more intimate personal groups. His range of clients have included Riv Media Design, Total Fitouts, Platinum Electricians, Practice Acceleration, Tafoya & Associates, Whole Heart Communities, Wise girls Money & various direct sales & marketing networks.

Dave is best known for helping clients increase business productivity, improving emotional and social intelligence and decoding their business and leadership success through human behaviour methodologies.
Dave lives in Gold Coast, Australia with his partner Alison and three children, Joshua, Zara-Bella & Jaxon.

Enrico specialises in leading and motivating individuals on a journey of self-improvement through personal development, presentation and grooming.

He is the director and Founder of V and J Menswear and Fashion/Stylist professional with a record of success in Sales, Retail Management and training, Key note speaker and presenter on fashion, Business management, Real Estate sales and once owner of a successful Catering Manufacturing operation Rio Bo Foods Pty Ltd enjoying international accreditation for over 15years from the Airline Industry with clients such as Qantas, Ansett, Alitalia United Airlines and other international carriers.

Rick delivers many presentations to varied Corporations such as Accountants, Lawyers and sales professionals on improving sales and motivate personal development through reinventing one’s own style and grooming in all aspects of one’s life.

As Coach, Counsellor, Mentor and Teacher I work extensively with young people and adults from diverse backgrounds. These include complex trauma, Autism, Intellectual disabilities and/or additional needs, and families/individuals who have lived with the complexities of Out of Home Care.

Through both lived and professional experiences, I have seen the critical need to provide a trauma-informed space to support clients as they develop an awareness of themselves and raise their understanding of personal interactions with others. As part of the journey, I work with clients to develop their understanding of what emotional fitness is, what it looks like, and how we can encompass this in our lives.

My passion is that every person is equipped with the skills to discover not only their true self but their unique voice as well.

Mindset, Emotions and Leadership
Genaaleen Sanchez is a mindset, emotions and leadership coach for women who are at a transition point in their lives and wanting to create a fulfilling life of purpose.

Genaaleen is no stranger to life’s most confronting challenges. In her early-mid 20s, her life rapidly changed when she was diagnosed and overcame cancer, got married, became a mother and found herself divorced and a single- parent to a one-year old daughter. Still early in her career at that time, there was a lot of uncertainty about the future and she went into auto-pilot mode to provide a secure and safe future for herself and her daughter. After a number of years in the ‘rat race’ and feeling absent from her internal life, she started to question everything about all aspects of her life and pursued a mission of discovery and remembrance.

Since then, she has:

• Accumulated 25 years of experience as a change agent in the Information Technology industry, helping organisations navigate their transformation journeys.
• Trained with international educators such as Authentic Education, The Coaching Institute, Dr Joe Dispenza, Robert Kirby Core Energetics, Joe Pane, Landmark Education, Kirby Core Energetics, Joe Pane, Landmark Education and others – covering Human Behaviour, Emotional Fitness, Mindset, Energy Management, Neuroplasticity, Leadership, Performance, Productivity, etc.
• Coached women in senior leadership positions towards their desired results using leading energetic and evidence- based coaching tools and techniques.
Through transformational 1:1 coaching, insightful and thought-provoking workshops, empowering key notes, and life-changing online programs, Genaaleen helps women like you:
• Connect to your inner truth.
• Ignite the authentic, inspirational leader within you.
• Experience true connection in your relationships and harmony in all areas of life that are important to you.

With a passion to elevate humanity to its heart-centred, conscious, emotionally fit and high-performing potential, Genaaleen's mission is to awaken and empower women to step into their full leadership potential and lead a purpose- driven life with abundance, joy, harmony and love.

Gina Callan
Mindset, Emotions & Leadership
Ambit Coaching (& Hypnotherapy) specialises in emotional fitness & relationship empowerment for those wanting more happiness & abundance in life.

Through our evidence-based coaching, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, training & facilitation services, we help individuals, couples & groups reset, reignite & reconnect with their best self.

Whether you want to examine your mindset, strengthen your emotional wellbeing, deepen your connection with your spouse/partner, family, friends or work team, we're here to help you create the change you choose. We acknowledge your courage and commitment to change in reaching out for private, confidential & judgement-free support & empowerment, & we will compassionately guide you to plan & take action in your chosen way.

As a happily married, working wife, Mum & Nana, I value creating the most meaningful, happy & fulfilling relationships & experiences possible. To this end, I've learned to regularly tune into who I am being and becoming so that I can work on and grow my emotional fitness even through times of uncertainty. By prioritising the love& care I have for my own mind, body, heart & soul, I create happiness from the inside out and ensure joyful, healthy & happy relationships & experiences with those in my ambit (sphere of influence).

Working with a diverse range of people over 40 years has taught me that no one needs 'fixing'. Rather, as unique & magnificent individuals we are all on our own hero's journey. It's wise to reach out for support & empowerment so that we can be our best & do, have, give & share our greatest potential. I explore this in my co-authored book 'Beyond Limitations' and would love to champion you to live your best life too.

As a certified Bling Angel & authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant too, I trust that this is just the beginning of us working together. I'm truly excited to support & empower your emotional fitness & relationships on your journey ahead.

Hardy Antolis
I help Executives/VP/Directors in Construction Industry create high-performance and emotionally fit teams by improving leadership skills, communication and productivity, personal accountability, engaging employees, and avoiding micro-management.

Certified in Emotional Fitness Formula, Accredited as a Trainer in Extended DISC and compiling over 23 years of experience and knowledge in the construction industry, I offer a unique approach to leadership coaching and training that also incorporates emotional intelligence, helping people implement these strategies into their professional and personal lives.

Janelle Cameron
I have been on a transformational journey of emotional recovery for over twenty years. What I mean by emotional recovery is facing and healing from the unresourceful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are stopping a person from reaching dreams.

I also achieved several leadership roles in Educational Queensland during my 35 year career. Therefore, my enormous compassion coupled with interpersonal skills and professional knowledge allows me to be able to create authentically safe spaces for self discovery and growth.

This fosters opportunities for people to undertake the challenging work of exploring their reality. It is then that the work on identifying personal values becomes possible.

Working towards knowing values and how to create a life that truly reflects these core values becomes a possibility. My emotional recovery work forms part of my legacy. My mission, is to shine a bright light on how to recover. Also the number of people employers can assume are in some sort of recovery. Part of this work is talking openly about how employers can seamlessly incorporate structures to assist people to recover and remain in work during early stages of recovery. My purpose is to turn the spotlight on recovery. To witness a person move through their journey to achieve a level of freedom from what is holding them back is a true privilege. I am a living breathing example that shows it is possible to overcome addictions. It is possible to heal your own life.

Joe Pane's work, The Emotional Fitness Formula, forms part of the framework of this successful work. I'd love to share my story and road to success with you!

I offer a Discovery Session so people can view the suites of products I offer. Each situation is unique. Keynote lectures, workshops, group facilitation and one on one coaching are all ways I love to work. All services are offered online and face to face.

Kathy Wyber
Business & Mindset
Kathy is a heart-centred educator, consultant, coach, speaker, emotional fitness practitioner and EDISC profiler who firmly believes in the ripple effect. That is, we can change the world by changing ourselves.

She specialises in helping coaches, consultants, educators, and parents understand their thinking so that they can support those around them.

As the owner of Mindset to Inspire and Happy Parenting Community, she has presented and spoken at hundreds of events, workshops and conferences, bringing her deep understanding of human behaviour and mindset to inspire others to take control of their lives, actions and thoughts, so we can have the ultimate personal power to influence others and create a more peaceful world.

Larry Van Niekerk
Emotional Fitness for Professionals
With over three decades of hands-on experience in veterinary private practice, I work as a business and leadership coach improving the productivity of veterinary teams.

Team members often find themselves in roles outside of what their technical skills equipped them for, with little or no support. Studies show that our perception of what is going well and what is not in terms of leadership is quite different to reality.

How would having the entire team fully engaged and growing, doing their very best, improve your business?

I will equip your team with the people skills and business tools to deal with the constant uncertainty in all spheres of the practice, internal and external, eliminating non-clinical anxiety and stress.

In a safe space, I will assist in building resilience by diving deep into identity, life stages, values and beliefs and helping your leadership team become confident in dealing with constant change bringing clarity of purpose and strategy.

Speak to me to find out more about The Emotional Fitness Formula™ for Veterinary Leadership Teams.

Laura Gutierrez
Relationships & Wellness

Hi, I’m Laura Gutiérrez, Wellness Coach & Emotional Fitness Consultant.

My heart and passion are in supporting busy people improve the quality of their relationship with change, stress and non- clinical anxiety and depression. I help them navigate their current life circumstances in a more functional way so that they can start enjoying life with calm, confidence and on their own terms.

Harmony and Love are at the core of my work and philosophy, being the guiding principles of my programs, workshops and 1:1 sessions. In these, I incorporate my experience as a vibrational healing practitioner, health coach, sound healer and emotional fitness formula consultant.

“Life is happening now, and it’s not about balance, it's about finding your unique recipe for fulfilment.”

Lauren Taylor is a leadership coach, mentor, facilitator and consultant who works with leaders, teams and businesses to achieve desired outcomes. Lauren is Meta Dynamics™ trained and is accredited in the Emotional Fitness Formula and E-DISC. 

Based in Tasmania and delivering her services nationally, Lauren is a leadership coach who develops extraordinary teams and empowers individuals to take action and execute their goals with excellence.

Mareena Corbett
Mareena Corbett is a certified Leadership Coach who gets her spark from supporting businesses create an ‘Emotionally Fit’ leadership culture.

Mareena is a Human Behaviour specialist, with 25 years of experience leading teams in sales, marketing, customer service and HR in private and Government entities. Her reputation for transforming workplace culture has received international recognition.

Mareena’s approach is grounded in being ‘highly human’ utilising the natural strengths of leaders to find meaning in life and work so they can unveil the authentic leader within – be the leader we all wish we had.

“There has never been a more critical time for leaders to embrace ambiguity, build self-awareness, and lift their skills to transform the way we work. From the events of 2020, employees have had a taste of different, and are now in search of Leaders that are Emotionally Fit to trust, care and lead through the uncertainties of work and life”.

Mareena carries this same love of connection with her family, married to Daniel for 24 years and three adult children Tyler, Jay and Makenzie.

Mareena facilitates leadership and team workshops on Emotional Fitness, Leadership Mindset, Team Performance and Culture and eDISC behavioural profiling. Mareena is also available to speak on these topics at events.

Mariana is the Founder of Empowering Strategies, a Mindset and Transformational Coach, a Health Professional for 20 years, a course creator, and the best-selling author of Your Time Is Now.

She specialises in identifying patterns of human behaviour that hold most parents back from having an epic relationship with their teenage children.

She uses proven methodologies to support parents to improve the quality of their relationship with uncertainty by up-levelling their perspective.

Her purpose is to inspire and empower parents just like you to deal with and improve the relationship they have with stress, anxiety, guilt, anger, and fear caused by having a teenage child going through addiction.

Marija Vizsai
Spiritual Wellness

Hi, my name is Marija.

I am founder at Marija Vizsai coaching and Consulting.

On my journey; Spiritual, Emotional and Social wellness has become the core of who I am, and the heart of my business.

I share my experience and learnings through trainings, workshops and the EFF online program, founded by Joe Pane.

I am helping people to shift their perspective, to gain wisdom and have a healthy relationship with uncertainty.

It is my honour to work with people and help them to live in alignment with their values so they can live life in harmony, purposefully and with deep meaning.

Training and Consulting
I am a business leader, coach and trainer with extensive experience in a variety of industries in Australia and internationally.

My training and experience spans several decades in business in a variety of industries both in Australia and overseas. I am a Director of Paladin Corporation where I developed the operational systems and procedures and oversee the financial management, organisation, training and administration of the Paladin Group.

I am also Co-Founder of Kingdom Initiatives, (also known as KI) an international online marketplace ministry which teaches Christian business people how to do business God’s way, so that everyone, in every deal, prospers. Our slogan is “That All May Prosper”. Since going online 4 years ago, Kingdom Initiatives has exploded and now has over 100 Chapters in 36 countries. Each Chapter has a leader who runs regular face to face meetings in their local area. KI also contributes to the You Version Bible App with Bible based business study plans and we currently have over 41,000 people subscribing to our Bible plans.

Over the last 6 years, I became interested in personal development and studied coaching, specialising in human behaviour, emotional fitness and relationships. My purpose, passion and mission in life now, is to serve others and I do this by sharing my knowledge through teaching, consulting and coaching/counselling. I have a strong desire to see people flourish, prosper and live meaningful lives.

It is a privilege and honour to be trained by Joe Pane. I am very proud be an Accredited Consultant in both the Emotional Fitness Formula and Extended Disc and I’m excited to share these unique programs with my clients.

Neil Sutera
Money & Wealth Coaching

Having spent 33 years (1987 to 2020) in personal wealth management as a fully qualified and licensed financial adviser, Neil integrated personal life coaching into his practice in 2009. Since then, Neil has been coaching people around money, finances, and the global financial system, especially how it relates to, and impacts their key relationships, mindsets, and emotional wellbeing.

A keen student of human behaviour and positive psychology, Neil uses coaching modalities from a wide range of sources, and the experiences gained from advising and coaching private clients from a wide variety of socio- economic situations, including business owners, senior executives, self-funded retirees, and the self-employed. Neil understands the ‘’internal conversations’’ and ‘’energy’’ around money and finances, including the practical elements of the money system and how it relates to your current life. Neil has helped people uncover and identify their unresourceful and self-sabotaging behaviours and habits around money, wealth, and financial wellbeing, and replace these with resourceful choices and actions, providing them with the tools for greater possibilities and opportunities, clearer intentions, and effective strategies.

Delivered primarily via ‘’one on one’’ sessions through the Wisdom for Life and Your Future Self programs, Neil helps people gain a greater level of certainty in the often-uncertain world of money and finances.

Sally is delivering her best work when she’s helping leaders fall in love with who they are, what they do and how they do it!

With over two decades of first-hand experience, immersing herself in multiple cultures, high pressures situations and remote climates and countries, Sally now shares with leaders, how to deal with their challenges in similar environments. She brings the unique skill set of learning the importance of team culture first-hand, with the ability to tap into what it takes to be a valued, aligned and energised leader.

She is pragmatic and worldly in her approach, loves to step away from the norm and knows exactly what it takes to adapt to change. Through her research-based coaching programs, fun and interactive trainings, and team-building sessions, she helps people like you become authentic, inspiring and happy leaders, confident in self and clear in direction.

Sally has spent all but 25 years embracing this life with her husband Ant. They have lived an adventurous time and their kids are following suit! Zander 10, & Skyla 8, are destined for greatness- in their own right, no doubt!

As a Certified Coach, Trainer, Extended Disc Behavioural Profiler, Emotional Fitness Consultant and Author, Sally is on a mission to help leaders improve trust and certainty across all areas of their life, build a strong sense of self and make decision-making easier!

You can contact Sally via her website and her LinkedIn profile. She'll be happy to connect and say hi, so be sure to reach out.

Shane Shelly
Hi, I’m Shane Founder of Metatune.

Personal Development, Professional Development, Emotional Fitness Practitioner.

Success comes in many forms, and I have achieved great results in study, sport and vocationally as well in both direct employment and operating successful businesses.

But success, does not always lead to a life of fulfilment and meaning. For me, this would come in more recent years as I took a journey of self-discovery into what lays at the core of me. Values around knowledge, teaching and growth, led me on a pathway of exploration into human psychology and behaviour that has flourished into a life of wanting to serve others and watch them grow.

In this space, I explore an individual’s values and passions that will empower them on their own journey to a life of meaning and fulfilment. I help individuals, teams and organisations improve their relationship with the inevitability of uncertainty and challenges in life, by bringing into their awareness of who they are and how they are contributing within the world.

This is where my passion for life exists and provides me with enormous gratification and purpose.
Success Through Empowered Thinking!

Hello! I'm Shannyn Einsohn - artist, educator and Emotional Fitness coach.

I have spent the last decade in the education space, in a wide range of contexts from classroom teaching to leading experiential education programs. It has become clear to me that emotional fitness is key for people of all ages to improve their relationship with uncertainty. I am passionate about supporting people who are ready for change and growth to feel stronger and more empowered emotionally.

Creativity, growth and empowerment are pillars of my work and I enjoy weaving the Emotional Fitness Formula in with my work in Jewish communities, delivering online and in person workshops as well as online courses to support people in celebrating Jewish holidays and deepening their spiritual learning. I am excited to continue working with individuals and organisations who are ready to elevate, evolve, and embrace their personal power.

Stephen Gregory
President John. F. Kennedy said, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Further, the Global Leadership Forecast 2021 highlighted that the “ability to embrace uncertainty and develop new skills rapidly will be the hallmark of great leadership in the years ahead. Meanwhile, leaders who continue business as usual will be your greatest risk. “That same report also showed that “55% of CEOs say that developing the next generation of leaders is their top challenge.”

Over a corporate career spanning 30+ years, 10 of which were in CEO roles in leading Canberra based organisations, I have seen and experienced the best and worst of leadership. Leadership is a journey, we are constantly learning and evolving.

Effective leadership drives performance and even more importantly, it creates engaged, fulfilled and resilient teams. The savings from lower staff turnover and higher productivity enables a better allocation of scarce organisation resources.

Corporate Professionals
Mindset & Behavioural Coach, Author, Speaker.

Suzanne helps busy professionals who are worn-out, disconnected and disengaged to regain their motivation, clarity, focus and purpose having more energy and happiness to do more of what they love with their loved ones.

After losing her husband to cancer when she was 40 years old, Suzanne re-qualified in Positive Psychology, Coaching and Behavioural Profiling to live life on her terms and be there for her 3 young children. With a background in medical research and pharmaceuticals, and an innate sense of curiosity for personal development and growth, coaching is her passion. She is dedicated to helping others reach their full potential and live life fully.

Svetla Petkova
Hi, I'm Svetla and trilled to be able to introduce myself to you.

After more than 15 years in executive roles, multiple degrees and qualifications, volunteer roles and board positions and quite frankly a jam packed schedule my body told me I needed to make a change.

As with most professional women I didn't take notice at first.

My values and definition of success revolved around what I can do and achieve.

How busy was my life outside of work? Did I mention my kids? Or the two years of lock-downs and remote schooling? Things were not looking that good.

Coaching allowed me to ask myself the right questions and through the mentoring of Joe Pane and Remi Pearson I discovered that there is a better way of living, better way of giving to others then through over-committing yourself.

And when I started to listen, my life transformed.

Just like a flashlight - when you know where to look you find the solution.

Coaching through the emotional fitness formula is a game changer and the results are almost instantaneous.

To the woman who juggles so many things people wonder how she does it - if your health and relationships are starting to suffer I promise you there is a better way and you can have it all.

It is my mission to help and support you so you can have the life that has you smiling all day.

Tammy is the Founder at Tammy Kruckow Coaching which specialises in Leadership Development whilst working with teams and individuals to lead themselves and others.

Tammy believes that development of key leadership skills including effective communication, efficient planning and emotional fitness also improves self-esteem, confidence and our relationship with uncertainty within individuals and teams.

Warrie Holman
Hi, I’m Warrie. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio! I specialise in assisting executive leaders and top talent achieve their personal best in an authentic and fulfilling way. For some clients, it will include identifying and transitioning to a job that looks good on paper and feels good too! My service is unique, resulting from years of practical experience in various careers, e.g., leadership roles for world-renowned multinationals, health and fitness industry, farming, small business start-ups, and executive coaching services. This combination of practical experience and formal coaching qualifications ensures clients receive a high-value service that delivers valuable tools to assist them in achieving outstanding results.
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